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MCL is known for providing ship management solutions. The company's entire team has assembled a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to ensure and enhance the assets and interests of our clients. The team has more than 10 years of shipping management experience and a reliable reputation in the industry. The company is proud of this fine tradition.

MCL provides comprehensive ship management solutions for customers, the service covers the management of ships, shipping agents, ship broker, shipping insurance, shipping business management and ship financing and provide innovative business process outsourcing and information technology services. We are constantly looking for innovative and diversified solutions for the continued development of our business to meet current and future customer needs.

Our promise: To provide customers with excellent ship management, technical service and appropriate management costs.

Why choose MCL?

  • Organized A Good
    MCL has excellent service team
    Managed by experienced experts ,they are an important position in the famous ship management company, management attitude seriously, rich management experience, transparent management costs;
  • Business Focus
    MCL team focuse on his speciality: ship management
    MCL'team management quality is reliable, comprehensive management of ship types, management science, effective cost control , network all over the world;
  • Client-oriented
    MCL always provide the most effective solution for the problem of the owners.
    For the owner promptly and efficiently to provide professional ship management services ,let the customer focus on core business;

MCL for ships to provide comprehensive technical, business, procurement, the crew and security services, is one of the industry professional ship management company.

Our technical department to manage a deadweight tons from twenty thousand tons to Two hundred thousand tons bulk carrier,host horsepower from five thousand kw to fifty thousand kw, the engine types including Man B&W, Sulzer, Wartsila, Mark, etc.Generator including Yanmar, daihatsu;crane pedesta types including IHI, mitsubishi, liebherr, etc.technical department have more ships redelivery experience including new production of ship and secondhand handover ship business experience.Company purchasing department belongs to technical management, purchase at least three comparison method is used in the decision eventually supply price, the company's attitude is zero tolerance for corruption phenomenon.

MCL HSQE department has a rich global route ship management experience, to ensure safety of navigation and the safety of operation, comply with environmental regulations, to prevent terrorist attacks, the company responsible for the implementation of safety management system, according to the latest international convention to update and inform the ship route evaluation, tracking, and safety notices, circulars, voyage plan the special regional antifouling anti piracy warning. In addition, the security department will advise the shipowner in accordance with the charter party and follow the ship's communication with the charterer. The security department also includes the work of the new ship registration, company internal audit, with the classification society and other external inspection, on board navigation books and other applications, check, check, American Airlines anti pollution liability arrangements for Rightship inspection, global PSC inspection.

MCL's financial department to ensure timely and accurate to provide financial statements and accounts, timely and effective feedback to the customer ship operation cost.

MCL's crew department has a wide range of crew resources in the world, providing high-quality for the owner, the owner can meet the management requirements of the company and the crew working on board.

MCL's training center network coverage Chinese and Philippines, is the world's highest standard in quality, knowledge and safety certification. Seafarers enhance their knowledge and skills through the course so as to operate and maintain their ships more effectively.

Whether or not the use of the ship MCL's customer management, we can make full use of other services and flexible network to ensure the smooth operation of owners and operators. Our purchasing business can increase fleet purchasing power and enable customers to obtain the most efficient service. We are innovative integrated experience within the industry leader, MCL's services will meet the requirements of the shipowner has been put on the first position.

The type of service MCL
  • Provide comprehensive ship management, business, purchasing, crew and safety services
  • In the main shipping center - China, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places have long-term cooperation network in a reliable way
  • In Asia has rich experience in ship repair and ship repairing factory network, ship repairing budget is reasonable, the actual repair cost control
  • Value-added services - new ship, boat testing, maintenance services and procurement
  • For the owner's cost benefit
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