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Self-unloading bulk carrier
Release Time:2017-07-01
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The self-unloading bulk carrier by cimc raffles and offshore standard construction, based on the design capacity of 30000 tons, is applicable to coal, stone, grain and other cargo transportation.The ship is equipped with international advanced hydraulic tipping system, design of dump capacity of 3000 tons per hour (2500 cubic), in January 2010, the delivery, the ship was built for the domestic first. At present, MCL is responsible for business and operations management,and working place in west Africa region.

Simplified specification

Main parameter

Total length: 175 meters

Width: 26 meters

Depth: 14.5 meters

Design draft: 9 meters

Speed: 14

Number: 23 people

Operating waters: Unlimited

Cruising range: 30 days

Main engine: 2x4000 kw

Classification Society:ABS


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